Estate Planning Sucks

Let’s face it, doing your estate planning, contemplating your demise, sucks. And it’s all the lawyers’ fault. Well, I’m done with that. So done.

The legal industry leads with fear, and it’s driving people away in record numbers. We’re losing millions of clients to the world’s largest law firm – the Internet. LegalZoom alone has over 4 million clients! They are responsible for more than 1.5 million unique wills each year!

It used to be that lawyers were a prestigious bunch, viewed as trusted advisors to reach out to whenever life threw you a curve ball. Now it seems like we’re barely a couple notches above used car salespeople and life insurance professionals (no offense.)

And the estate planning industry in particular has perfected the Fear Game.

Don’t get your estate planning done? You’ll risk your kids going into foster care, long, drawn out probates, hundreds of thousands of dollars of estate taxes, etc. Let me paint a picture for you of all the horrible ways your family will be at risk and burdened if you don’t get your planning done. Yuck! No thank you!

Is it any wonder that nearly 70% of people don’t do any legal estate planning?

And as we drive people away the industry says, “Look at those silly people, being so irresponsible! Aren’t they foolish?” Well, I say we need to look in the mirror and say, “Look at myself, blaming the people. Aren’t I foolish for not changing my ways?” I have to say, it really pisses me off!

The Fear Game overwhelms people. It scares them. It makes them want to procrastinate even more than they already have in order to make time and space for what they know are important decisions. It doesn’t help them get their planning done.

While we all know the estate planning process is important, that doesn’t mean that the relationship you have with your attorney has to be dour and super serious. It doesn’t have to overwhelm.

Put simply – estate planning doesn’t have to suck.

Instead of competing with the Internet, the industry should be looking for different ways of working with clients.

Enter the world of 21st Century Lawyering. Harnessing technology to meet in virtual conference rooms online or via phone. No more spending extra time stuck in traffic schlepping to an office. Maintain privacy and be able to harness the power of a group of people much like yourself, all trying to make good planning decisions. And, dare I say it, a little fun! Yes, the rumors are true, there are even games and prizes. Crazy, I know!

I’m so over trying to fit everything we do into the mold of “traditional legal services.” Yes, we’ll do it if that’s what you prefer, but we’re going to be adding new and different ways of working with our clients to the mix too.

Intrigued? Want to learn more? Please come visit us on April 24th in our offices at 5:30 as we unveil all we have planned. Give us a call at (508) 281-7900 or head over to and let us know you’d like to come have some fun with us!


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