L.M., Holliston, Mass.

Thank you for all of your help in the handling of my mother's estate. I know it wasn't an easy one to close.

L.I., Holliston, Mass.

I just wanted to thank you for all you have done to help me with Dad. I don't know how I would have been able to deal with everything alone. I just want you to know I appreciate it very much.

P.C., Bolton, Mass.

I always sing your praises when the subject of estate planning or Medicaid come up. My sincerity must come through because I truly was impressed with your handling of my own case. Thanks so much.

A.C., Concord, Mass.

Thanks for the multiple updates! The entire matter could be sit-com material if it wasn't real. I like the way you are handling it!

B.G., Sudbury, Mass.

You made a bewildering task comfortable for us with your detailed explanations, inexhaustible patience and easy manner. I especially appreciated your thoughtfulness in working with my Mom and the graciousness with which you addressed the two changes made to the carefully crafted plan. I will look forward to working with you again, not only with Mom's needs, but as my husband and I review our own plans. Thank you.

E.C., Marlborough, Mass.

Thanks for your help. We'll see you again I'm sure.

N.S., Winthrop, Mass.

You have made my year a little easier. Thank you for all your help.

Financial Advisor, Hudson, Mass.

Thanks again for the comfortable, caring approach you use as you deal with important life continuation issues.

B.W., Framingham, Mass.

Tracey! Many thanks for bringing so many pieces of the puzzle, for your non-anxious presence, for the complex gleam in your eye which at a minimum includes intelligence, humor, clarity, experience, eagerness to help and friendship and for conversations just begun. Thanks! Peace and blessings.

P.P., Lee, Mass.

I want to thank you for your help with my perplexing situation back in January. I'm so happy that I thought to tell the woman who called that I would to talk with my lawyer. As always, you did a very nice job of handling all the details with myself and all the contacts related to the situation. Thanks for all your good help.

D.D., Marlborough, Mass.

Thank you so much for helping me at a time I really needed it. I hope you will always be successful because you are a kind person who has insight to put an elderly client at ease.

C.R., Hudson, Mass.

On behalf of [our Church], I would like to extend a sincere "Thank you!" for your participation in the health fair. Not only did you give a very informative and helpful presentation, but you also extended yourself and helped with the projector as well as helping the other presenters get set up. All above and beyond the call of duty, but I am very grateful for all of your assistance and expertise. There was much learned after actually hosting this type of venue for the first time. I hope that if we run this type of event next year that you would like to be involved.

S.M., Newton, Mass.

Thank you again for all your excellent work on my Dad's probate estate.

S. & J. W., Southborough, Mass.

There were several things that were beneficial in working with Attorney Ingle including her ability to simplify complicated concepts so the average person could understand them and an ability to put the client at ease when discussing private, personal issues. She was willing to explain things without making me feel ignorant. We now have the peace of mind in knowing that we have put out finances in order in a manner that will hopefully be beneficial to not only us but our children as well.

L.B., Framingham, Mass.

At first I was reluctant to be interviewed for my Legacy Story but thank you for doing it. I listened with interest and tears. A great legacy, so thanks again.

S.M., Newton, Mass.

Attorney Ingle was fearless in taking control and although considerate and attentive to my concerns, she let me know when my thinking was incorrect or not useful. I felt at ease and confident in her knowledge of law and organization skills. While her rates may appear relatively high, her trustworthiness, efficiency and disinclination to waste time in frivolous litigation actually saved money. Having worked with several attorneys when this same "opponent" was involved, this experience was 100% calmer for me while my "opponent" remained frustrated.

R.S., Framingham, Mass.

I like that you were autonomous and took a load off of my mind and to do list. My aunt's estate was a confused mess. You dug through the piles of paperwork and brought order to it. I felt that I was supported by a team. You guys did a great job with a tough estate. I never worried about hot it was being handled.

R.H., Framingham, Mass.

I liked the professional and warm atmosphere of the firm. I felt comfortable that my needs were being considered. I've worked with other attorneys before, but working with Ingle Law was more personal. Thank you.

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