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No Barriers to Estate Planning! Massachusetts Adopts Remote Notarization

Estate planning in the days of coronavirus and COVID-19 has been challenging, but not for the reasons you might think. At Ingle Law, we’d already been working remotely when stay-at-home orders started being issued. In early 2019, we put into place an efficient system to support you to keep the planning and implementation process as […]

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Estate Planning: The Right Umbrella for When It Feels Like the Sky is Falling

In crazy times, estate planning can be the grounding force you need. Corona-virus is wreaking havoc around the world. The stock market is tumbling. St. Patrick’s Day festivities… canceled. Stay-at-Home advisories and orders. And as if that weren’t enough, Tom Brady broke up with New England via Twitter.

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Estate Planning – Healing for the Soul

It’s hard to bring ourselves to do something we know is important, but that we don’t know how to go about doing, and it feels like we should.  I envision someone at the breakfast table, coffee in hand, contemplating the day. “I really need to get this done. I can’t believe I haven’t done anything […]

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“We Can’t Go to the Beach if We Don’t Have Beach Toys”

Summer vacation in Florida. A hot car on the highway, air conditioning cranked. Three generations are headed for the beach when an uncle (who doesn’t know better) remarks out loud that the beach toys were left at home.  Grandma: That’s okay; we’ll still have a great time at the beach. 3-year old: No. I want […]

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