About Ingle Law, P.C.

Ingle Law, P.C. was founded in November 2002 on the simple premise that there had to be a better way to serve clients and run a law business. Lawyers trying to be all things to all people, incessant phone tag, plans that never worked, and the dreaded hourly billing invoices – these were all things to rebel against, not embrace as “business as usual”.

Ingle Law is extremely focused in it’s practice areas.  They work with parents with kids to protect the kids from the money, and the money from the kids. They work with kids with parents, around all the issues pertaining to long-term care, whether it be planning for it, preparing for it, or applying for the benefits that help pay for it.  They also work with all the folks in between on the issues unique to their particular stage in life. And when the time comes, they will help with the probate and trust administration that might be needed. But in essence, they do only two things: help create plans, and help implement plans.

The firm takes a team approach to serving its clients.

Ingle Law has done its best to eliminate the billable hour. Except for when a court is involved, almost all work is done on a flat fee basis, discussed and agreed to… up front. In this way there are no surprises.  You don’t get halfway into a project, do the mental math, and think, “Oh goodness! If I’d only known, I would never…..”

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