Ingle Law Practice Areas

Ingle Law focuses on the puzzles unique to Estate Planning, Medicaid, Probate & Trust Administration. The common theme for these areas is control, whether it is control over the future, control over financing long-term care, or control over asset transition.

Estate Planning is a jigsaw puzzle.

Estate Planning

We start with the four corner pieces: Control, Flexibility, Financial Security and Peace of Mind. From there we build our edges which are the Will, Trust, Durable Power of Attorney and Health Care Proxy. That leaves the middle, or the picture. It is our job to elicit from the client what the picture is supposed to look like. We already have all the pieces, and know how they fit together. The result for the client is the confidence of knowing that they are prepared for that picture, or any variation on it.

Medicaid Planning and Applications are a Rubik’s cube.

Medicaid Planning and Applications

The assets are all in place, often right where everyone wants them to be. Unfortunately, state laws and regulations say that in order to finance long-term care either at home or in a nursing residence those assets must be shifted from one spouse to another or from one family member to another. We guide our clients through the turns and alterations necessary to create the best possible financial outcome within the bounds of the laws. It’s not about hiding assets, or secreting money in order to cheat the government. It is about being aware of your rights and responsibilities and working within that framework.

Probate and Trust Administration are tavern puzzles.

Probate and Trust Administration

Those are the fun metal and wooden puzzles where the pieces must be moved and shifted in just the right sequence in order to take them apart. We take the guess work out of what to do when, who has what rights, and how to transfer assets from one generation to the next.

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