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Our mission is to inspire, educate and motivate our clients to control their future, maintain flexibility, and experience the resulting peace of mind and sigh of relief.

We make your life easier and simplify life’s challenges. We help our clients control decision making, pay less for estate taxes or nursing home care, or even find a great local electrician. If we don’t do it, we have the name and number of someone who’s great at it in our network – and we’d be happy to refer you.

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Estate Planning - Healing for the Soul

Estate Planning - Healing for the Soul

It’s hard to bring ourselves to do something we know is important, but that we don’t know how to go about doing, and it feels like we should. 

I envision someone at the breakfast table, coffee in hand, contemplating the day. “I really need to get this done. I can’t believe I haven’t done anything about it yet.” Subtly self-shaming herself for still not getting her estate planning done. This was supposed to be the year. The ‘babies’ are now the teenagers still asleep down the hall.  

The good thing is that the year’s not over yet. More »

“We Can’t Go to the Beach if We Don’t Have Beach Toys”

“We Can’t Go to the Beach if We Don’t Have Beach Toys”

Summer vacation in Florida. A hot car on the highway, air conditioning cranked. Three generations are headed for the beach when an uncle (who doesn’t know better) remarks out loud that the beach toys were left at home. 

Grandma: That’s okay; we’ll still have a great time at the beach.

3-year old: No. I want to go to the pool!

Grandma: But you love the beach.

3-year old: NO! I want to go to the pool!

Grandma: :: sighs ::

A moment passes. The gears turn in that tiny head, and then the defiant expression is replaced with a look of great pride.  More »

What if Estate Planning = Self-Care?

What if Estate Planning = Self-Care?

Every single adult is entitled to these basic legal protections we call estate planning. You’ve heard me ‘rant’ more than once that we need a different way to think about and talk about estate planning.  And while I don’t have different vocabulary yet, I can definitely suggest lots of different ways to think about it.   More »