I Don’t Have a Will Because… Reason #3

Have you ever known you need to achieve some result but since you’ve got No Clue the steps you need to take to get there you do… nothing?

This might be scheduling a medical procedure, helping your kid apply for college, making a major purchase, or getting your will done.

You know you need to take care of your estate planning and yet there are so many steps – steps you don’t even know what they are – you end up putting it off for months or years.

Congratulations! You’re human!

And you’re falling victim to the #3 reason people don’t do their Will.

As I previously shared, nearly 70% of adults have not done their Wills and do not have any planning in place. Seventy percent! Think about that.

After doing a super informal, highly unscientific survey, I found that nearly every answer I received fell into one of three buckets. The really crazy part is that all three reasons are FALSE! False beliefs are keeping people from making sure they or their families are protected, no matter what and no matter when.

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Remember, the point of estate planning, or Good Guardian Planning as I like to call it, is to give us a say over who we want to count on if we’re ever sick or when we pass away. It’s about deciding before it’s too late who’s gonna do what, and when.

Those can feel like really big decisions. And while there is some thought and planning that needs to go into it, it doesn’t need to be overwhelming. Listen, we’re the only species on Earth capable of contemplating our demise. That’s cool and awful all at the same time. I get it.

But here’s the thing, you don’t have to have everything figured out before calling your lawyer! Not only is your Good Guardian Planning lawyer an advisor, they’re an expert! Your lawyer can help you figure out the decisions where you might be stuck.

Remember all those questions and steps that you can’t see?

A Good Guardian Planning attorney is here to guide you through it all. We guide our clients to look at who and what’s important to protect and when that protection needs to kick in. Then we can advise you in figuring out what you want to do to achieve that protection and who you want to rely on.  It’s all about your goals, not a one-size fits all approach.

I know that it’s a scary thing. It’s not only navigating the legal system but it’s also about making a lot of decisions you might not want to face.

But we’re here to help you understand the issues that concern you and the issues you didn’t even know existed. We help you make informed decisions. And you’re not doing it alone!

The first step you need to take is very simple:

Apply for a FREE Good Guardian Strategy Session and in a short, complimentary phone call you can get clear on what is what is your best next step.

Apply Here – Be a Good Guardian to your family. Promise to protect them… in writing.

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