I Don’t Have a Will Because… Reason #2

Reason #2: I’m Too Young to Need a Will

As I shared earlier, nearly 70% of adults have not done their Wills and do not have any planning in place. Seventy percent! Think about that.

I was curious why that number was so high. So, I did a super informal, highly unscientific survey to see if I could glean anything. I was amazed at the results!

Pretty much every answer I received fell into one of three buckets. The really crazy part is that all three reasons are FALSE! False beliefs are keeping people from making sure they or their families are protected, no matter what and no matter when.

Read the #1 Reason by clicking here.

The second reason that people don’t have their Will done (or are putting it off) is because they feel they’re too young and just don’t need one yet.

The thinking goes like this:

No Kids + Not Enough Assets = No Need for a Will

Here’s the truth: everybody dies. Making sure your Will is up to date is like leaving a love letter to your family, making sure they know you loved them enough to get your affairs in order before you became a burden to them.

Remember, it’s much more than just a Will. You also need to have a Durable Power of Attorney and a Health Care Proxy. These documents allow someone to help you out in case you’re ever unable to make decisions on your own – like in the event of illness or injury.

Because no matter how awesome your parents are (or your girlfriend or boyfriend) without a Durable Power of Attorney and Health Care Proxy in place, the people who love you won’t be able to pay your bills, talk to your doctors, or help you with the day-to-day decisions of adulthood.

If you haven’t made these decisions ahead of time – and done the legal paperwork to back it up –  the only choice will be for a family member to go to the local probate court and petition for the legal equivalent: conservatorship (the bill paying) or guardianship (medical decisions).

Going through the court system can take weeks or months, be complex and confusing and cost thousands. Not to mention, you will have no control over who the court appoints to make decisions for you. It’s an already emotional time without it being even more involved and chaotic.

And nobody wants that for themselves or for their loved ones!

Getting your Will, Durable Power of Attorney, and Health Care Proxy in place doesn’t need to be something you put off until you have assets or kids. But you can and should be a Good Guardian to your family now.

Promise to protect your family, in writing. Apply for a FREE Good Guardian Strategy Session and in a short, complimentary phone call you can get clear on what is what is your best next step.

Apply Here – And make sure your family is taken care of.

Oh, and if you’re young AND have children, stop what you’re doing RIGHT NOW and get your Will done.

Don’t forget to check back for Reason #3.

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