You’ll Get More Done When You “Know Your Why”

Humans are the only species conscious of our own mortality. And let’s face it, no one wants to contemplate mortality!

If you’ve been putting off planning for your death and other awful circumstances (or know someone who has) this is probably one of the biggest underlying reasons. Who wants to schedule the hours into their calendar for that?!

Making plans for a crisis (or an even worst-case scenario) can be overwhelming to say the least. And here’s the thing about overwhelm — it’s a primary cause of procrastination. Overwhelm makes people slam on the breaks. They want to create time and space to make thoughtful decisions. But we can’t create more time, so instead we just end up avoiding the whole mess.

And the only thing worse than thinking about your own death is, I would argue, imagining the intense sadness and pain for the people you love that you leave behind. So while you know that good adulting means having a plan in place to make sure your family is protected if the unthinkable happens, I get that you don’t really want to deal with it. We hear over and over again that people just ‘don’t have the time’ to meet with their lawyers and create a solid plan.

You and I both know that means they either don’t see the value in scheduling time for that exercise, or they’re overwhelmed — and that overwhelm has turned into avoidance.

The good news is that we know how to combat overwhelm:

  1. Acknowledge the feeling,
  2. change the mental narrative,
  3. focus on one thing at a time,
  4. be present to now,
  5. take a deep breath,
  6. and take one step forward.  

We’re ready to help you address your overwhelm / procrastination / avoidance / mortality head on.

In our planning process we have 5 clear steps that we work through with all our clients. Step 1 is all about getting clear on exactly WHY you’re planning. Knowing that WHY is part of changing the narrative. It serves as a reminder when you’re tempted to procrastinate, and it gives you one thing to focus on, to be present with, so you can take meaningful, thoughtful action and move forward.  

Once you’re in motion, it’s much easier to stay there and finally get it done.

Do you Know Your Why? Are you clear on the people, goals, values, and causes that are most important to you?

Try our Step 1 tool for finding clarity — download Your Unique Why Worksheet here.

This simple worksheet will walk you through different categories of things that motivate and inspire people. With those things in the front of your mind, you’ll be able to keep your momentum going and take the next step… schedule your quick, no-pressure, no-obligation Strategy Session with me to discuss where you might be stuck, and figure out the best, next step forward.   

Listen — feeling overwhelmed about preparing for your own death is completely understandable! However, stopping there and doing nothing further about it is NOT the answer. We’ve acknowledged the feeling. Now let’s get to work on the rest of those steps.



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