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Do you enjoy meeting and helping families? Do you love solving puzzles? Do you find you have certain habits and ways of accomplishing certain tasks each and every time? Do you dread the idea of doing the same thing day in and day out? If so, you might be THE ONE we are looking for. Ultra-successful (and a little nutty) entrepreneur of an outside the box law business and growing consulting practice is looking for a sharp right hand person with some legal experience who is willing to support all aspects of both businesses.

This position is part legal assistant, part executive assistant and part personal assistant to the CEO. You WILL learn an incredible amount about business, entrepreneurship and marketing, if you are interested. You WILL have fun along the way. If this sounds exciting to you, you might be THE ONE.

This is a 24-30 hour per week, salaried position, although full-time will be considered for the right person. Our office is located in a renovated house in Southborough, a few doors off of Route 9. We are open typical business hours, and you will be expected to work the bulk of your hours within that time frame, although we are super flexible. There is a rare need for evening or weekend hours.

You know you’re the ONE if you take a highly proactive approach to taking things off the CEO’s plate and consistently look for ways to lighten the CEO’s load. You most likely excel at working in a fast-paced, high-demand environment. You’re able to handle multiple tasks simultaneously and stay organized in an environment where there is always more than you can do in one day. You have exceptional attention to detail.

You will need to know how to figure things out on your own and be able to creatively problem solve situations. You will be trained and mentored, but if you are above putting paper in the copier or replacing the empty water cooler jug, this is NOT the job for you. We’re a small business sharing space with other entrepreneurs. The other part of this job, though, involves working with our clients, and helping with our marketing efforts. Obviously, multi-tasking is an absolute must.

You must be able to think on your feet and make smart decisions. If you aren’t please don’t apply. No one will end up happy. Now, you don’t need to walk around on eggshells (in fact, if you do, we won’t get along too well), but if you can’t stand the heat, you will be asked to leave the kitchen – immediately. We are very busy and need you to be straightforward and direct.

Positive people ONLY need apply. Attitudes are contagious and we don’t want to catch yours if it’s toxic or negative, which includes drama, whining, complaining or being a victim. You will definitely not fit in if you even THINK you may be in one of those categories. If you lose stuff, aren’t organized, and get distracted easily, do NOT apply.

Is this an easy job? No. It might be the biggest challenge of your life. But, anything really great is worth working for and our greatest growth comes from the biggest challenges. And, if you are THE ONE, we’ll take more of an interest in the development and growth of your career and your future than any employer you’ve ever met.

If you are THE ONE, please email us at persfamlawyer@gmail.com with your resume, salary requirements and a cover letter that clearly conveys WHY we should hire you and what you bring to the table. Tell us what you’re looking for in a job and why you think you’d be a good fit. Oh, and make sure to put “I’m THE ONE” in the subject line. Any emails without the correct subject line won’t even be opened.


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