What if Estate Planning = Self-Care?

My Bestie: OMG, I’m exhausted. There’s so much we need to do and no time. I don’t even know where to start.

Me: What’s the most important thing for your family? The thing that will help you sleep at night?

Bestie: Truly? We really need to get my Will done. I swear to God, it keeps me from sleeping at night. I lie down and all I can think is, “What if something happens to me?”

Every single adult is entitled to these basic legal protections we call estate planning. You’ve heard me ‘rant’ more than once that we need a different way to think about and talk about estate planning.  And while I don’t have different vocabulary yet, I can definitely suggest lots of different ways to think about it.  

If we can’t think of it as a fabulous rite of passage into adulthood (see our prior article, What If We’re Thinking About This All Wrong?) how about thinking of estate planning as a form of self-care?

Enter Pamela Zimmer. Not only is she a #1 best-selling author and speaker, she’s also your Self-Care Concierge. She teaches women how to ditch the myths of perfection, push aside the guilt, and put themselves first. You can find more about her work by CLICKING HERE.  

Recently I recognized my own need for focused self-care. Life has been upleveling a lot, and while it’s exciting, it’s also stressful and exhausting… in that great sense of the words. I *knew* Pamela’s upcoming week-long retreat was exactly what I needed to do for myself. 

Imagine a week at a retreat in Cabo San Lucas – simultaneously in the desert, on the beach and at the base of the mountains. A week to rest, relax and rejuvenate. A week to get back in touch with self and joy. (If this sounds fabulous to you too, you can learn more about the trip HERE. As of this writing, there are only a precious few spots left.)

The trip is next February.  While I know today this is something I need to do for myself, I also know me. I know if I wait until December to book the trip, between now and then I’ll question the need. I’ll second-guess the decision. And I’d eventually talk myself out of it.

Knowing that about myself, what I did this time was to make the reservation, pay for the trip in full, and buy the plane ticket. All at once. Now the trip is fully paid for and a done deal. This way, come December, I can’t change my mind. 

And this brings me back to doing your legal estate planning. How many times have you said to yourself that it’s something you know you need to do? And then how many times have you found a reason (dare I use the word ‘excuse’?) to put it off yet again? 

What if, instead, you made the decision and took a couple of steps that made it a done deal? What if you took some simple actions that moved you from ‘thinking about it’ to ‘committed to it’ so you were actually moving toward completion, and all the pressure lifted? Imagine that.

No seriously, imagine that. Imagine it was done (for now. READ HERE about why it might not be done for forever.)  

It’s DONE. How does that feel? Will you sleep better? Will you finally tell family that you’ve thought about them seriously and taken care of your will? Will your stress levels plummet?

If this resonates with you, CLICK HERE for step one. This is where you’ll raise your hand saying you want to have a chat about your planning and actually schedule a time to talk. Make the decision, take that one step and we’ll take care of the rest. Let’s get this done, eliminate that stress, and you can breathe a sigh of relief of knowing you and your family will be protected no matter what, and no matter when.


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