The View from 2 1/2 Feet: A One Meeting Kinda Day


My Selfie

by Tavey Antczak

Since I joined Ingle Law, several people have asked what I, a mere canine, could possibly do all day in a law office. There has been a scandalous suggestion that since I don’t possess opposable thumbs, I couldn’t possibly contribute in any useful way. I asked The Lady if I could respond to these allegations.

Good morning Wendy!

Good morning Wendy!

My day begins with a chauffeur driven ride to Ingle Law. And by “chauffeur driven” I mean The Lady lets me ride along with her, in the back seat in my special, warm, fuzzy car seat. When I arrive, the first thing I do is check to see where my friends are at.  I say hello to Wendy when I walk in, and then go poke my head into Leigh Ann’s office. Everyone always smiles when they see me. Sometimes I get scritches too!

And Leigh Ann is in her office too.

And Leigh Ann is in her office too.


After saying hello to everyone, I like to make sure the conference room is ready for the day’s meetings.  I check and freshen the carpets by sniffing, and rolling, and generally making sure they have my wonderfulness everywhere.

Then its up to my office on the second floor.  The Lady and I share an office on the front corner of the building. There’s a really nice spot right outside our office where I can lay and keep track of everyone else who works upstairs too.  I like to go in and check on The Lady periodically to help her with special projects.  Sometimes she has bits of lunch that have fallen on the floor and need picking up. Sometimes she just needs a couple minutes of distraction.

Meeting Really Nice People

On this particular day, we had one meeting scheduled.  I like to get to the conference room first so I can greet people, and make sure The Lady knows where the meeting is. Our meeting today included two really nice clients, Leigh Ann and The Lady. After everyone is in their seats, I like to take one last walk around, and then I lay down while they all talk. Sometimes, I stop to look at the stuffed Snoopys on the bookshelf. There’s one in particular that keeps looking at me funny, and when that happens I need to show him who’s in charge. When the meeting is over, I show the clients to the door and tell them we’ll see them again soon.

My Water Bowl

My Water Bowl


By this point in the day, I’m usually getting tired and thirsty. I have a special glass water bowl that Wendy keeps filled for me. (The Lady tends to forget, no matter how many times I pester her.) Then I might hang out in my special bed in The Lady’s office until it’s time to go home. I took a selfie of me in my bed; it’s at the top of this article.

Sometime after dark, The Lady turns off the lights and leaves. I’ve been taught to sit by the door, and even though she opens it, I don’t go out until she says, “Go.” Then I walk to our car, take my spot in the back seat and let her drive me home.

So, you see, there’s a lot for a dog to do at Ingle Law. I play a pivotal part in morale, and putting clients at ease. I bring fun to the office, and sometimes get the people to play with me. You can come visit anytime you want. I’m usually there on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, and some Thursdays and Fridays. I’ll look forward to seeing you!


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