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Things to Watch for in our Seniors

Things to Watch for in our Seniors this Holiday Season

The Holidays give a special opportunity to check in on the seniors in your life – and make sure that everything is going well. When you’re visiting mom or dad, or Great Aunt Agnes there are some things to look for to do a senior welfare check during the holiday season to verify they’re safe […]

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New Daily Room Rates

The Financial Impossibility for Nursing Homes

In last week’s entry I wrote about new nursing home daily rates, and the possibility of MassHealth (Medicaid) to help cover the very expensive cost of care. This week I’ll shine the spotlight on the very real challenge for nursing homes, namely the delay between a resident running out of money and being Medicaid-eligible, and […]

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Senior couple meeting with agent

New Year, New Nursing Home Rates

It’s that time of year again. New Year’s Resolutions. New Year, New You! New, new, new. It’s also the time of year when businesses evaluate their budgets and rates, and that usually means an increase. One of the local nursing homes announced it’s new rates last week. All sorts of reasons were given: new government […]

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MassHealth Nuts and Bolts Guide

We Wrote the Book! Nuts and Bolts Guide to MassHealth

You’ve paid taxes all these years for just this reason: 1) Stay at home with the help you need; 2) Obtain valuable Medicaid benefits to pay for medical and health costs at home, an assisted living residence or nursing home; 3) Protect your hard earned savings for your family or your spouse; and/or 4) Prevent […]

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