Attorneys Have Been Failing for Decades…

…to answer the needs for high quality, affordable estate planning services.

We’ve been working with families like yours for over 25 years, and have been troubled by all the ways the traditional law business has failed its clients.  Typical estate planning calls for an attorney working one on one with each client. And while this is fine for some, it is cost prohibitive for most. The result is that families are forced to pick and choose where to protect themselves, and therefore where to leave themselves at risk, all in the name of cash flow and budget.

When we work with families, we hear all the time about how they need to get their Wills done.  The problem is that they often mistakenly believe a Will is the only thing they need to solve all their issues.  Quite simply, there are more risks than most families realize. Working with our clients we identify the most common risks facing everyone: the lengthy, expensive and public probate process; children inheriting everything at age 18; creditors, predators and divorcing spouses stealing that inheritance; and of course the possibility of estate taxes (everyone is always surprised to hear they will be subject to estate taxes!)  Most families don’t realize that a Will only tells the probate court what to do… it doesn’t avoid the probate process, and doesn’t even come close to addressing the other issues.

Of course the problem our clients still had after knowing their risks was that making sure their family was completely protected came with a price tag that was out of reach.  After much brainstorming and thought, we’ve designed a way for families to have everything they need to protect themselves, their children, and their assets, all at a much more affordable price point.

Give us 4 hours, and we'll make sure your family is protected, no matter what!

Give us 4 hours, and we’ll make sure your family is protected, no matter what!

Enter, the 4-Hour Estate PlanTM, our small group planning workshops.  This workshop results in a family getting everything they need: Wills, Durable Powers of Attorney, Health Care Proxies, guardianship declarations, as well as a basic trust for probate, risk and tax protection. This is what helps families truly protect themselves, and have the peace of mind of knowing they won’t be a burden on their children or other family, and they won’t end up dealing with the probate courts.

In the Workshop, we work with a few families at the same time. We’ve developed a great balance of time for group discussion, as well as individual attention. A great benefit is that the 3-10 people in the room all benefit from the questions of each other. We here time and time again, “Oh, I never thought to ask that!”  We then follow up the Workshop with a private one-on-one conversation, and then a private signing meeting.

Are you ready to finally get your Wills done and have the peace of mind of knowing your family is protected no matter what? I invite you to apply for a complimentary Legal Stuff Strategy Session to see which planning experience is best for you – traditional one-on-one or small group workshop. It’s a simple 20-30 minute phone call. Even if we never talk again after this session, you will get clarity on what is your next step to protect your family. This conversation has a $497 value, and we have limited openings in the upcoming few weeks. To apply, CLICK HERE NOW.

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