Young woman worried

Estate Planning – Healing for the Soul

It’s hard to bring ourselves to do something we know is important, but that we don’t know how to go about doing, and it feels like we should.  I envision someone at the breakfast table, coffee in hand, contemplating the day. “I really need to get this done. I can’t believe I haven’t done anything […]

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“We Can’t Go to the Beach if We Don’t Have Beach Toys”

Summer vacation in Florida. A hot car on the highway, air conditioning cranked. Three generations are headed for the beach when an uncle (who doesn’t know better) remarks out loud that the beach toys were left at home.  Grandma: That’s okay; we’ll still have a great time at the beach. 3-year old: No. I want […]

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Word, writing Self Care. Business concept for Taking caring for own Health written on book note paper on the wooden background. With attached today sign. Office top view.

What if Estate Planning = Self-Care?

Every single adult is entitled to these basic legal protections we call estate planning. You’ve heard me ‘rant’ more than once that we need a different way to think about and talk about estate planning.  And while I don’t have different vocabulary yet, I can definitely suggest lots of different ways to think about it.  

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If Price is Your First Question

Sometimes you suspect someone might not be the right fit for a business relationship. There are a number of red flags I watch for when I hear from someone out of the blue. For me, an emphasis on or preoccupation with ‘price’ is one of them. Which gives me permission to be direct with the […]

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Woman mourns her husband, who died in a hospital

Hello, Tracey? Veronica Died.

There was one day in June when, for no nefarious reason, our office received a number of phone calls from people whose loved one had *just* passed away. It was a striking number of calls for that particular Monday – enough to inspire that day’s Daily Debrief on Facebook. You can watch it HERE.  I […]

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procrastination steals time reminder on a stack of  index cards with a cup of coffee

Why We Procrastinate

Imagine you finally did it. Imagine you connected with our office and got the ball rolling to get your estate planning done. You thought it was going to be hard and you did it anyway. You made good decisions, and did all the right things. And then, like every client we work with, you got […]

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White rice in black bowl isolated on white background.

On it Like White on Rice

Have you heard about our Plan Preservation Program? How about the expression “we’re on it like white on rice”? Sounds like I may need to elaborate… Estate planning is not ‘One and Done.’ It’s not something you get to check off your task list for good.

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The Terrible Surprise of an Empty Trust

You do the grown-up thing. You get to your attorney and work out your estate plan. You decide it makes sense to create a trust (here’s a quick review of the difference between a WILL and a TRUST…). You sign all the documents. Your attorney gives you a shiny, leather-like binder, makes you promise to […]

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