An Exciting Year!

It’s been an exciting year!  There have been many opportunities this year that have resulted in growth.  With that growth, the firm has taken on a new look and a new name.  We are now known simply as Ingle Law.

Ingle Law continues to focus on the puzzles unique to Estate Planning.  Just like a jigsaw puzzle, we start with corner pieces as the foundation – control, flexibility, financial security and peace of mind.  Then the edges are added – Wills, Powers of Attorney, Health Care Proxies, Trusts and other important documents.  The resulting picture is your vision of the future.  The best part is that we have all the pieces and know how they fit!

We also continue to serve the population availing itself of Medicaid to pay for medical and long-term care.  It is becoming more and more difficult to qualify financially.  Planning is more important now than ever.  Some of the clients we have helped recently include married couples where one spouse is in a nursing home, and single individuals who are disabled or ill and living at home, or are facing the possibility of nursing home care.

It would be our pleasure to answer any questions you have about either of these areas, or help you get legal advice in any other area of law.  We have an extensive network of professionals who have proved themselves as the best of the best.  For easy reference, we have included business cards with this letter.  If we have helped you in the past, please share the extra card with someone you know so they can experience the same peace of mind.

There will be more exciting news in the months ahead as we continue to grow.  Watch for an announcement of a new website, notable accomplishments, and other happenings at Ingle Law.  It is all possible because of your support and involvement.  Thank you.

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