Octavia “Tavey” Antczak


Octavia “Tavey” Antczak

Octavia “Tavey” Antczak is the newest member of Ingle Law. Her responsibilities include greeting visitors and making them feel welcome, positively impacting morale and decreasing stress, and general entertainment.  She particularly likes Ingle Law’s home-like environment, water cooler and the fact the team has lunch outdoors every day, weather permitting.


Tavey has been home-schooled throughout her life. She exceeds at sitting and is currently working on improving her laying down on command. She is particularly motivated by chicken and lamb treats.

Accreditations and Licenses

  • Banfield Pet Hospital, 2014

Fun and Interests

Tavey loves hiking, long naps, good food, car rides and being around people.

Tavey would love for you to come visit, no treats required. She’ll gladly share her water with you and ask the team members with opposable thumbs to help with coffee or tea. Call Ingle Law at (508) 281-7900 or email the firm via the form below.