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Will v. Trust

Will v. Trust – Which Will Serve Your Family Best?

We know that 100% of people aren’t getting out of here alive. Even with that Universal Law, there is so much anxiety around planning for our inevitable exit. And there doesn’t have to be! One question that always comes up around estate planning is “Do I need a Will or a Trust?”

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Things to Watch for in our Seniors

Things to Watch for in our Seniors this Holiday Season

The Holidays give a special opportunity to check in on the seniors in your life – and make sure that everything is going well. When you’re visiting mom or dad, or Great Aunt Agnes there are some things to look for to do a senior welfare check during the holiday season to verify they’re safe […]

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Estate Planning Myths – Part 1

I Don’t Have a Will Because… Reason #1

Nearly 70% of adults do not have any planning in place. Seventy percent! Think about that. I was curious why that number was so high. So, I did a super informal, highly unscientific survey to see if I could glean anything. I was amazed at the results!

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