We’re Hiring!

This position is part legal assistant, part executive assistant and part personal assistant to the CEO. You WILL learn an incredible amount about business, entrepreneurship and marketing, if you are interested. You WILL have fun along the way. If this sounds exciting to you, you might be THE ONE.

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1800s Lawyer

Legal Industry is Evolving!

And we have a way for you to be part of it! I’ve long been a proponent of the idea that the legal industry should and must evolve. Many people are sick of hearing me say it, but I’ll say it again anyway. It’s not the 1800s anymore, why are attorneys still working with their […]

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The Financial Impossibility for Nursing Homes

In last week’s entry I wrote about new nursing home daily rates, and the possibility of MassHealth (Medicaid) to help cover the very expensive cost of care. This week I’ll shine the spotlight on the very real challenge for nursing homes, namely the delay between a resident running out of money and being Medicaid-eligible, and […]

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Senior couple meeting with agent

New Year, New Nursing Home Rates

It’s that time of year again. New Year’s Resolutions. New Year, New You! New, new, new. It’s also the time of year when businesses evaluate their budgets and rates, and that usually means an increase. One of the local nursing homes announced it’s new rates last week. All sorts of reasons were given: new government […]

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“Recorded Deed Notice” – IT’S ALL HOOEY!

That Recorded Deed Notice you just got in the mail – It’s a big bunch of HOOEY! If you’re a client of Ingle Law, and recently implemented a trust as part of your estate plan, you probably know the notice I’m talking about. If you haven’t gotten that far in your planning yet, this is […]

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The View from 2 1/2 Feet: A One Meeting Kinda Day

Since I joined Ingle Law, several people have asked what I, a mere canine, could possibly do all day in a law office. There has been a scandalous suggestion that since I don’t possess opposable thumbs, I couldn’t possibly contribute in any useful way. I asked The Lady if I could respond to these allegations.

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Stop “Meaning to Do It”, Here’s the First Step: the Power of “Tsst”

Have you ever watched Cesar Milan work with dogs with obsessive behavior? He frequently uses “Tsst” to distract and calm the animal. It also works with cats. I’ve frequently thought we should do that to and for each other when we get stuck in a mental loop that keeps us spinning our wheels. You know […]

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Happy World Vegetarian Day!

Hey there, Leigh Ann Pond here. Shhhh…. Don’t tell Tracey, but as the lone vegetarian at the firm, I commandeered the website to wish everyone a happy World Vegetarian Day! I thought I’d share a favorite recipe with you. It’s the Edamame Energy Bowl from Trader Joe’s. Just click, mix and enjoy!

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